²Compartimos una selección de Videos sobre el aprendizaje, enseñanza y cultura matemática en general, y el contexto en el que se desarrolla, con el objetivo de enriquecer y contextualizar las actividades propuestas en CEMATi. Esperamos los disfruten.

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Videos matemáticos institucionales:

  1. American Mathematical Society: ⇒Videos [e.g.  The AMS Einstein Public Lecture in Mathematics]

  2. CIMAT ⇒Videos

  3. CINVESTAV ⇒Videoteca

  4. Institute of Advanced Studies: ⇒{ Conversations | Video Lectures: All  | Video Lectures: Math }

  5. Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM ⇒Videos

  6. Mathematical Association of America: ⇒Videos

  7.  Mathematical Sciences Research Institute: ⇒VMath

  8. OxfordMathematics Public Lectures (The Secrets of Mathematics

  9. Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) ⇒MathTube

  10. Princeton Univ. Math. Dept. ⇒Videos

  11. Simons Foundation: ⇒Science Lives

  12. Sociedad Matemática Mexicana: ⇒ Videos

Videos selectos:

  1. De Loera, Jesús A. (2012) Easy to State but Hard to Solve: Favorite Open Problems in Polyhedral Geometry [YTb. 2014.09.24]
  2. Feynman, Richard. (1981) The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. YTb. [acc. 2012.09.10]
  3. [Focus on Math] (2007).→Community. [19:51 min]  Video realizado en el contexto de PROMYS (Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists) [acc. 2012.01.15]
  4. Hadlock, Charles (2013) Sustainability or Collapse? An Exploration of Key Dynamics That May Determine Our Future [YTb. 2014.09.24]
  5. Jain, Hirsh (2012) To Think Deeply on Simple Things. YTb. [acc. 2014.02.26]
  6. Lax, Peter (2005) Speech of Abel laureate Peter D. Lax at the award ceremony [stream video] The Abel Prize 2005. Academia Noruega de Ciencias y Letras [acc. 2011.12.27]
  7. Olesky, Dale (2010). Potential Stability. [52:30 min]  Workshop:Theory and Applications of Matrices described by Patterns . Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery. [acc. 2011.12.26]
  8. Renz, Peter. (2009) I Want to Be a Mathematician: A conversation with Paul Halmos—Trailer. MAA. {YTb.} [acc. 2012.09.10]

Paul R. Halmos (H100 @3/mzo/2016)

  • [⇒UTexas] (1975). Hilbert Space Lectures at Australia ⇒[ Lecture 1|  Lecture 2 | Lecture 3 | ]  {Joyas expositivas en matemáticas. } [acc. 2016.02.17]

Colecciones (especiales..)

  1. BIRS videos

  2. Fields InstitutePast Workshops and Confs.

  3. ICERM Video Archive (Brown Univ.)

  4. London Math. Society (YouTube Ch.)  [■ LMS]

  5. Mate Pop {UNAM}

  6. Math Encounters (videos) {National Museum of Mathematics}

  7. MSRI (video dashboard)

  8. (Past Talks)

  9. Royal Statistical Society (YouTube Ch.)  [■ RSS]

  10. Simons Foundations Lectures [■ SFFM&IMU Awards | MI | SL | SoI ]

  11. VideoArxiv Home

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